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by admin on June 15, 2011

Hi all!

Welcome to my new blog, notjustacarnivore.  My name is Katy, and I’m creating a bit of a spin on the usual food blog.  I’m not an expert, a culinary student, a health freak, or even a good cook.

I’m a decent beginner cook who has been trying for about a year to learn to cook and live a healthy lifestyle, yet I still keep falling into the trap of eating unhealthy food, cooking only beef and pork (the two things I really know how to cook), indulging in crazy amounts of sugar, and eating out nearly twice a day.  Not to mention that, because I eat out so much, I waste a lot of food, a habit that I don’t believe in but somehow practice anyway.  I have good intentions, but one thing keeps getting in the way of my success – ME.

And that’s where notjustacarnivore comes in.  Inspired by truly healthy blogs like Sweet Tater, I’m creating this food blog spin.  I don’t intend to become vegetarian, or even to stop eating meat regularly – what I want to do is learn to prepare delicious food that I’m excited about eating that branches out from my usual vices; I’ll certainly still cook meat, but I’m also going to force myself into the world of fruits, vegetables, grains, vegetarian options, and all sorts of healthy goodness.

This blog is meant partially to help hold me accountable to making this change, but also to help all of you who struggle with consistently getting in your own way when trying to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Join me in what I hope will become our journey; it’s going to be fun and rewarding!

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Celina Branton June 15, 2011 at 9:22 pm

Good girl, Katy! I know Mom and Dad are very supportive of this initiative. Give them my best. Celina


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