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by admin on September 1, 2011

Hello all!

Sorry for such a late WIAW post; I’ve been holding off to get it up as the first post for the new SITE LAUNCH tonight!  Much thanks to Zesty and The Great Fundraising Act for my rocking new blog!

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Now it’s time to come back from the honeymoon break and reconnect with Jenn over at Peas and Crayons for…

Bora Bora style!

The main food in Bora Bora and the feature of today’s post is something that I really enjoyed, but that I could do without for a long time now: fish.

Natives love to go spearfishing in their free time, where they literally dive down deep into the water without any special gear and shoot the fish with a spear gun.  Apparently, shark bites by lemon sharks are common during these fishing excursions because fishermen are in the water with fish in hand, fish that a shark wants.  Still, many Tahitians continue to spearfish despite the shark bites, explaining that it’s part of their culture and they love it.  No worries, sharks aren’t a problem outside of spearfishing.  Lemon sharks aren’t naturally aggressive.  Like all other creatures, they just want food.

Because it’s such a readily available food source in the tiny island chain literally in the middle of the ocean, they serve all sorts of fish in a variety of preparations.

The high end appetizer:

Rice Cracker Crusted Tuna with a Sirracha-Citrus Emulsion

The everyday meal:

Tahitian Raw Fish

Known in the islands as “poisson cru,” Tahitian raw fish is among the most common dishes in Tahiti, and is a staple among gourmet restaurants and home cooks alike.  It’s sort of like an American tuna salad, only the tuna is raw, and it has coconut milk instead of mayonnaise.  The tuna, along with various vegetables (almost always tomatoes and onions, often also cucumbers) are soaked in coconut milk or a coconut cream sauce, and served as seen.  It’s surprisingly simple and delicious.

BBQ fish:

BBQ Lobster and Mahi Mahi (and half a baked potato)

Our tour guide on our last full day, Motai, set up an incredible lunch for us in the water on a private island, including bbq lobster that he caught himself, and bbq mahi mahi caught fresh by his brother.  The day with Motai makes for a great story and even more food goodness, so stay tuned to hear more about it!

The restaurant’s favorite:

Mahi Mahi in Vanilla Sauce Cooked on a Hot Lava Rock

Not all restaurants serve this on a hot lava rock, but nearly every restaurant has a spectacular mahi mahi dish, usually prepared with some sort of vanilla sauce.  Tahitians really enjoy mahi mahi and seem to appreciate the flavors more than I’ve seen elsewhere.  Additionally, Tahaa, an island that you can see from Bora Bora, is full of vanilla plantations, so fresh vanilla dishes are everywhere, and those dishes often involve mahi mahi.  In fact, mahi in vanilla sauce at a gem of a restaurant called Villa Mahana was hands down the best food we had on the entire trip.

What have been your favorite foods from trips you’ve taken?

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Look at you and your bad self! It looks amazing!!


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