For the Love of Fruitstands: A Local-ish Lunch

by admin on July 15, 2011

Do you follow Katie over at Sweet Tater Blog?  No?  What’s wrong with you?  Get on that.

Katie started a great series the other day where she’s documenting her experience eating local foods for a week.  Check it out!

I love the sustainability of this plan, but it’s just not practical for me right now.  That didn’t change the fact that I was inspired.

Since eating locally for a week seems like a bad plan since I’m just trying to learn to cook and eat healthily with whatever ingredients I need, I decided to take the inspiration I’ve found from Katie’s local-eating week and start small…with a local lunch!  Well, let’s call it local-ish.  Remember, I’m new at this.

Do you shop at fruit stands?  There are two within walking distance of my house, along with a Saturday morning farmer’s market that I’ve never been to.  Even with these fresh and local options available, I usually just go to the grocery store.  I must be crazy.  I plan to start visiting the Saturday market, and I’m making a conscious effort to shop at these fruit stands.  They’re fantastic.  And cheap!

I got all of this for $7.

3 zucchinis, 3 squashes, 1 onion, 1 cucumber

I don’t know where you normally shop, but I generally go to Whole Paycheck Foods, and well…I almost hit the floor when the man said $7.

Even better, it was all grown in Georgia.  Every bit of it.  Local foods.  Yay me!

I already had some pita bread and hummus from the Whole Foods next to my house, so I washed a squash and zucchini, cut them up, and threw them on a plate with hummus and pita bread.

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus, Black Bean Hummus, Garlic and Herb Hummus, Whole Wheat Pita Bread, Squash, and Zucchini.

Both the hummus and the pita bread were made at Whole Foods next door, but I don’t actually know where their ingredients were sourced.  Hence, local-ish.

I’d normally just want the hummus with pita bread, but part of the goal of notjustacarnivore is to add in veggies to my life, so I thought I’d enjoy the squash and zucchini, but when I wanted to venture back to my comfort zone, I could still use the pita bread.

Now to finish enjoying my healthy, vegetarian (I don’t pull that off much), raw (I don’t pull that off ever), local-ish lunch.

Do you shop at farmer’s markets and fruit stands?  What are your favorite items at your local shopping spots?  If you prefer the grocery store, what makes you like it more?  Post your comments and let’s get a conversation going.  We could all learn a lot here!

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