Taking the Pet Snake Out to Play

by admin on July 9, 2011

I started today off in completely the wrong way.  After a lifetime of dealing with the hassle of hypoglycemia, I’ve discovered that a morning protein shake with soy milk is absolutely the best way to stabilize my blood sugar for the day.  This can’t be my full breakfast, but it’s the primary staple, so I was really excited on Thursday when I saw soy milk juice boxes that don’t need to be refrigerated.  I thought I’d stumbled onto the best idea ever so I brought the following items with me to Greenville for the weekend: 3 soy milk juice boxes, 3 days worth of protein powder, 1 shaker cup, and nothing to wash said cup.  I refuse to trust a bathroom sink and hand soap.

After yesterday’s exciting morning when, for one of the first times ever in a hotel, I wasn’t dying for food as soon as I awoke, I was pretty disappointed to realize today that I couldn’t make another shake without a clean shaker.  Not to mention that, for various reasons, I didn’t get to eat until lunch time.  We walked down the street to a great little local place, Saffron’s Sidewalk Cafe.

The second we walked in, a mosquito bit my eyelid.  Really?  And ouch!  I never knew a mosquito bite could hurt, but this hurt.  And my blood sugar was low.  And I’d forgotten to take my water flavoring to lunch with me.  I felt something like this.

Photo Credit: http: thebillionairegirl.wordpress.com

But then I got food and the whole world turned colorful again!  John had this:

Grilled Salmon on Toasted Asiago Ciabatta Bread

And I had this.

Basil Chicken Salad on Spinach Wrap with Basil, Tomato, and Cucumber Salad

This was a really fun meal for me because I’ve loved this chicken salad wrap since college and couldn’t wait to have it again.  More exciting, though, because I ate tomatoes.  I hate tomatoes.  Seriously, hate them.  Love tomato products, tomato sauces, tomato pastes.  Hate, hate, hate tomatoes!  Do you have any foods you’ve ever wished you could like, but couldn’t?  This is tomatoes for me.  But today, I ate tomatoes.  Not a lot.  I destroyed those cucumbers, but in the mix, I ate at least 7 bits of tomato.  It was a proud moment.  I WILL enjoy them one of these days!

We finished eating and I was happy with stable blood sugar again, so we went here.

Falls Park: Downtown Greenville, SC

We stood on the suspension bridge watching the falls, when suddenly, on some of those rocks in the bottom righthand corner of the picture, a man appeared.  Totally normal.  People play on these rocks all the time.  Only this time, he pulled out his pet snake.  That was a new one to me.

I’d give anything to have taken my purse so I’d have had my camera, not just my phone.  Oh, to have been able to zoom in and show this to you.  It was weirdly sweet.  This man stood on the rocks and in the water for a good 20 minutes following his snake around to be sure he didn’t lose him.  We left after that, so there’s no telling how long he was down there.  He attracted quite a crowd and dozens of pictures.  It was amazing.  It was terrifying.  It was filthy.  And it was really, honestly, strangely touching.  This man took time out of his day to take his pet snake out to play.  I think my dogs will get extra hugs when I get home tomorrow, along with some extra playtime in the yard.

What food have you always wished you could enjoy?

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