Work With What You Have: Baked Blueberry Bliss

by admin on June 20, 2011

After spending the weekend out of town for Father’s Day, I hadn’t been to the store and was completely unprepared to try a new breakfast dish this morning.  Luckily, I had a little time, so I decided to find a breakfast recipe I could make with ingredients I already had in my pantry.  I had oats and I always keep frozen fruit, so of course a fruity oatmeal came to mind, only I wasn’t sure how to deal the issue of the fruit being frozen.  Plus, I wanted the dish to be a little more interesting than just blueberry oatmeal.  Apparently I decided that blueberries would be today’s fruit of choice.

After a little searching, I discovered Becky’s recipe for Blueberry Baked Oatmeal.  Delicious.

Of course, I tried to make it a little healthier; I didn’t use as much brown sugar as it called for, although I did use a little because I’m not sure what to substitute for brown sugar.  Suggestions?

I replaced the 1/2 cup of honey with 1/4 cup of agave nectar, and I definitely think it came out sweet enough.  Like Becky, I replaced butter with Earth Balance, my new favorite ingredient!  Finally, to add some fun color and flavor, I put some Amande blueberry yogurt (made with almond milk, so it’s both dairy free and soy free) on the side.

And the verdict?

There are no words.

I can’t even tell you how good this is; you just have to try it to understand.

Be aware that this isn’t a quick breakfast, as it takes about 40 minutes to bake.  What it’s perfect for is a breakfast that you cook on Sunday night and heat a little each morning during the week.

While I want to attack the entire batch, realistically, it probably made 6 servings; two adults in a house could definitely make this breakfast work for 2 or 3 mornings straight.  But if you have kids, it might be gone in a matter of minutes.  Just sit back and enjoy the fact that they’re getting lots of fiber and antioxidants as they chow down on this deliciousness (also a good thing to consider when YOU can’t put it down.)

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